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Three Godzillas and Two Ghidorahs by: MK

Hello, as many of you are well aware Godzillas history can be a very confusing. This is my attempt to put the Godzilla Saga into a context of which you the reader will be able to easily understand. There are many anomalies which many find perplexing (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorahs events) to which we must apply a certain mindset in order to make sense of these events. Some of my key concepts I use are the existence of 3 separate Godzillasaurus dinosaurs/2 Ghidorahs and where they exist in Godzillas history. Specific understandings regarding time travel and timestream contamination and some date adjustments in order to make sense of when some movies take place like Destroy All Monsters!

The first Godzilla was a result of exposure of a young Godzillasaurus (from now on he will be Godzilla #1), found on Lagos Island in 1944,to radiation from American nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll in 1954. Later, in 1954, Godzilla (#1) attacks Ohta Island and later makes 2 raids against Tokyo before dying at the hands of Dr. Serizawa and his Oxygen Destroyer. This Godzilla (more powerful of course due to exposure to modern nuclear weapons) would later appear in 1991/92 after Earth Union representatives from the 23rd century made changes to the present. He would go on to face King Ghidorah (a genetic copy of the space creature which plagued Japan in the late 60s and 70s) and subsequently Mecha-King Ghidorah (one of my personal favorite Kaiju!) and later retreat from Japan.

NOTE: Regarding time travel, you must remember that events in the past are set and cannot be changed; changing the past therefore only really affects the present. The past is set and whats done is done so to speak (the past has already happened while the future is still undetermined).

In late 1992 he would face the Guardians of Earth and Cosmos, known as Battra and Mothra and be driven from Japan once again. In 1993 UNGCC (United Nation Godzilla Counter-Measures Center) constructs MechaGodzilla a robot made after careful study of the alien robot of the same name used in the 1974-75 period by alien invaders and the cybernetics of the cyborg, Mecha-King Ghidorah, in the first battle thing go badly as MechaGodzilla is immobilized due to mechanical failure (If only they had fixed Mecha-King Ghidorah instead! Cyborg beats Robot hands down. Look for this as a future essay topic maybe as MAN AND MECHA: GODZILLAS MECHANICAL MENACES). Later in following encounter with a Rodan and Godzilla (#1) both are nearly killed at the hands of the Super MechaGodzilla (Garuda Flying Battleship/MechaGodzilla combination) until, the Rodan over-irradiates Godzilla intensifying his heat beam (making him what I consider SuperGodzilla) beyond MechaGodzillas armor absorption ability thus sealing unfortunate Mecha-Godzillas fate. The following year (1994) g-cells, which have drifted into deep space, travel through a black hole and bond with a crystal life form and space radiation to form SpaceGodzilla, which after some lengthy travel arrives on Earth with the instinct to destroy/kill Godzilla (#1). With the assistance of the UNGCC and the MOGERA robot, Godzilla manages to defeat SpaceGodzilla and again retreats from Japan to restore his strength. An event from his past eventually leads Godzilla (#1) to fight Destroyah, an organism created by a mutation of prehistoric organisms by the Oxygen Destroyer in 1954. The creatures released from ground strata begin to grow and mutate until it becomes a foe beyond Godzillas normal strength, but at this point in time (1995 to be exact) due to massive energy release at Basu Island he is currently the over-irradiated Super Godzilla. On a course to meltdown with an ever-intensifying heat beam Godzilla (#1) faces his age-old foe (Destroyah of course a product of the Oxygen Destroyer, which killed Godzilla #1 in 1954 before timestream modifications altered the present and resurrected Godzilla #1 in the present.) and after a long struggle expires in a nuclear inferno and like a phoenix leaves behind offspring. (At this point in time Godzilla Junior becomes the new Godzilla #3 after the absorbing Godzilla #1s energy, explained in depth in Godzilla#3 explanation.)

The second Godzillas (referred to as #2) creation was a result of circumstances close to those of how Godzilla #1 was created except minor differences. (A Godzillasaurus located in another area close to American Pacific nuclear tests.) This new threat (known as Gigantis until it was discovered it was of the same species as Godzilla #1) emerged in 1955 to terrorize a Japan thought safe from Godzilla (#2). During a series of raids on Japan, Godzilla (#2) encounters another monster known as Angilas (an irradiated mutant ankylosaurus) and after a fierce battle both leave Japan to recuperate. (Godzilla #2 is frozen in ice cap.) Seven years go by, in 1962 a UNSC (United Nations Scientific Committee) research sub accidentally releases Godzilla from his icy prison, meanwhile a company discovers the giant ape King Kong in the south pacific and move him to Japan. Godzilla (#2) also makes landfall and later after Kongs escape the monster face each other in 2 battles of which neither comes off best and it is left as a draw as both monsters leave Japan. Two years elapse before Godzilla (#2) is heard from again this time emerging from underground in 1964, but his rampage across Japan this time is brought to a halt by Mothra, Guardian of the Cosmos/God of Infant Island and her offspring. (Mothra has appeared in Japan previously in 1961 ala Mothra.) Later in 1964 a foreign princess arrives in Japan foretelling disaster for the Earth by a threat from space. Meanwhile Godzilla (#2) has emerged from hibernation and battles a Rodan (an irradiated pteranodon actually 1 of 2 which appeared in Japan 8 years previous but were sealed in a volcano, however one escapes in 1964.) the battle is fought without conclusion. Meanwhile a comet arrives from space breaking up to release King Ghidorah a space creature/monster after which Mothra, called to protect Japan by the cosmos, attempts to stop him and fails. Later Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra forced into cooperation by King Ghidorahs attacks unite to defeat and drive Ghidorah from earth. The following year (1965) the WSA (World Space Authority) exploratory rocket P-1 establishes contact with Planet X. While visiting Planet X the are informed by the inhabitants that they wish for peace between earth and their world. A mission to earth takes the earth monsters Godzilla (#2) and Rodan to fight Ghidorah who is plaguing their planet stating that they will repay the people of earth. In the end it turns out to be an invasion using all 3 monsters under control of the aliens by magnetic waves. Thanks to the innovations of the earth people the earth is saved when the freed monsters battle and the earth monsters drive Ghidorah from earth. Godzilla (#2) is found in the south pacific hibernating in 1966 and is awakened during a thunderstorm and later faces Ebirah a giant lobster. During the battle Mothra saves Infant islanders taken captive on the island and takes them to safety. The following year a runt Godzillasaur named Minya on Sogel Island is bombarded with radiation before hatching. Godzilla (#2) takes the creature into its care and defends it from the attacks of other creature (Spiega, an irradiated spider and Gimantis, several irradiated preying mantis).

Note: Godzilla's Revenge was left out of my chronological analysis for obvious reasons (Doesn't fit inside an explainable theory).

Godzillas next appearance in Japan several years later (3) leads to a confrontation with a pollution-eating creature from space known as Hedorah, which is killed/destroyed in battle with Godzilla (#2). The arrival in 1972 of the space monsters King Ghidorah and the cyborg Gigan, under the control of the aliens of Nebula Space Hunter M, draws the monsters Godzilla and Angilas to Japan. In the following battle the aliens and their base are destroyed and the space monsters driven from earth, after which the earth monsters return to Ogasawara Island. (Quickly becoming the home of many irradiated dinosaurs/creatures due to the warm prehistoric climate.) In 1973 as a result of nuclear testing in the pacific, the ancient undersea kingdom of Seatopia calls on their monster god Megalon to ravage the surface nations of earth (starting with Japan). Godzilla, called to Japan from Ogasawara Island by the robot Jet Jaguar, faces the monsters Megalon and Gigan (Seatopia being an ally of Space Hunter M calls on them for assistance.) In the resulting battle Megalon and Gigan are defeated and driven from Japan by the combined forces of Godzilla (#2) and Jet Jaguar. An attempt to conquer earth is made by aliens from the 3rd Planet of the Black Hole in 1974 utilizing a mechanical copy of Godzilla (#2) the robot MechaGodzilla (the idea was copied to a degree by the UNCCG 20 years later using 23rd century technology as explained earlier). Godzilla (#2) facing MechaGodzilla alone is defeated, but later with the help of the Izumi Monster Guardian King Seesar destroys MechaGodzilla. The following year the aliens salvage and rebuild MechaGodzilla, who along with the sea monster Titanosaurus (a creature under the control of the insane Dr. Mifune who is cooperating with the aliens) attempt to conquer the earth. In a fierce battle Godzilla (#2) faces the two monsters alone but with the help of Interpol manages to defeat them. Over the next 4 years the UNSC relocates many of the worlds mutants/monsters to Ogasawara Island. Establishing a monster preserve known as Monster Land the UNSC uses various control apparatus to keep the monsters contained safely. But the system is sabotaged in 1979 (this is my adjusted date) by aliens of the Kilaak race and the freed monsters (10 of them) ravage several of earths major cities. A later attempt to attack their base ends in failure as Godzilla (#2) and Angilas destroy the attacking Japanese forces. Later the monsters are brought under earths control and following Godzilla (#2) into battle the monsters defeat Ghidorah (killing him!) and destroy the new Kilaak base ending their threat to earth. After the battle the monsters return to Monster Land and Godzilla is not seen in Japan for the next 5 years. (In this period of time I assume that many Kaiju die or become extinct this includes Minya who is not for all purposes a Godzilla so I do not count him among the 3 Godzillas mentioned in this essay as well as the shutdown of the UNSC Monster Land as most monsters are gone and Godzilla has settled elsewhere.). In 1984 Godzilla (#2) resurfaces more powerful than before. After an exhausting and costly effort Godzillas threat is negated by sealing it into a volcano. After a 5-year absence Godzilla is freed from the volcano by foreign terrorists of the country of Saradia. Meanwhile a new life form, resulting from the splicing of G-cells and plant cells, known as Biollante growing in Lake Ashino is attacked by Godzilla (#2) and apparently destroyed. Later, Biollante reappears after several attempts by the military to stop Godzilla (#2) and in the resulting battle is destroyed releasing G-cells into the atmosphere (later mutates into SpaceGodzilla).

NOTE: At the beginning of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Godzilla #2 is replaced in the present by Godzilla #1 which makes Godzilla vs. Biollante Godzilla #2s last movie appearance.

The third Godzilla (referred to as #3) is the Godzillasaurus discovered on Adonoa Island in 1993 as an egg. Later after hatching it is dubbed Baby Godzilla and released into Godzillas (#1) care after the destruction of the UNCCGs MechaGodzilla in battle with Godzilla (#1). Later the Godzillasaurus (#3) now named Little Godzilla residing on Birth Island is kidnapped by SpaceGodzilla. This in turn draws out Godzilla (#1) who battles him (see Godzilla #1s history) to free Little Godzilla. After the next appearance of the Godzillasaurus (#3) after the radiation release on Basu Island it is now half the size of Godzilla (#1) and called Godzilla Jr. (#3). The creature is used by the Japanese to bait Destroyah to Godzilla (#1) in order to force battle between them. Before Godzillas (#1) arrival upon the scene Godzilla Jr. (#3) must face Destroyah alone and ends up dying (for more info see Godzilla #1 history). Later he is revived and mutated to full power by the meltdown of Godzilla (#1) and in effect becomes the next Godzilla (Godzilla #3 is even more powerful than Godzilla #1 with a naturally red/orange heat beam). 5 years elapsed before the new Godzilla was seen again in Japan who resurfaced in the year 2000 to fight a mysterious space creature known as Orga. Currently a project to get rid of Godzilla (#3) utilizing black holes is being tested (Godzilla vs. Megaguiras: G-Eradication Operation).


Godzilla #1 = 1954(Dies), 1991-1995 (Replaces #2)

Godzilla #2 = 1955-1989(Replaced by #1)

Godzilla #3 = 1993-1994 (Godzillasaurus)
1995-2001 (Millennium Godzilla)