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Rants in Review


Don't you hate the red tape involved in modern banking? I mean honestly do they expect people to have to put up with faulty technology and retarded limits (basically RED TAPE) that modern society has to deal with. Do they expect us to swallow this, well I say no! Banks are often inefficient and plaugued with technical problems. To share mine own experience in this matter I'll relate to it in a small statement: Over the past 3 YEARS I have had to deal with 5 or more serious red tape strangulations on my money supply! Either it's this about a holding period or that about a minimum balance! (let's remember people it's OUR money not their's, so what right do they have to set such OVERLY-restrictive rules, I could understand requiring a small balance to cover some service charges but $100, I find that far to much for my tastes. Seriously how many service charges could you have?


And the news is in Britney has sold her soul to Pepsi. Geez it's sad ,at least she could have sold her soul to coke (it tastes better)! Britney may be following in the steps of Bill Bonds who after agreeing to do ads for Gardner-White Furniture was FOREVER TRAPPED AS THEIR SPOKESMAN a good 10 or so years. This warrants the question WHEN IS CHRISTINA AQUILEIRA GONNA SELL HER SOUL TO COKE? That's my two-cents
catch ya later peoples!

Recently, I had the chance to read the Official Iron Chef Guide and I have to say . . . IRON CHEF KICKS ASS! Yes, undoubtably that is a good COOKING program perhaps the only one I like at all due to it's uniqueness. Yep with the flashy get-ups to Chairman Kaga of Gourmet Academy that show takes cooking to a wholly new and different level.

Rant #4
This is a good rant, don't you hate how the daily demands of adult life cause you to lose touch with old school and childhood friends. I myself have been suffering from a malaise as of late having a longing to see people I haven't bullshitted with in ages. Indeed between work and bills, as well as local and roadtrip social outings which result in meetings with new, not old faces usually. But seeing as how the city I've travelled to as of late is 3 hours north from my town and 4 - 41/2 hours north from the cities my friends live in chances of meeting them so far this last and new year have been slim. So my resolution is to travel to either Edmonton or Red Deer in the near future, finances permitting to see some of the old gang in the future.

Rant #5
"Love at First Sight" is BULLSHIT, i really mean this, I do. Even love itself is hard to come by, "Love" is a deep connection forged through a deep bond that trancends mental and physical bonds connections and forms a metaphysical or better put a spiritual bond between two individuals. To simply have it appear magically at the instant of first sight is crap, I would claim true love as nothing more than a chemical reaction of pheromones between people better known by the pop culture term "chemistry" between people, so there you true love believing romantic die-hards!

Rant #6
The world truly lost a quality performer when Rocki Roads retired from Porn in 1999/2000 these promo pics say it all, she was the hottest Pornstar to be found in her day.

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads Penthouse Cover

Rocki Roads Penhouse Shoot

Rocki Roads

Rocki Roads