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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy.

My Godzilla Site

MKSTEEL's Godess Relief Office, My Ah/Oh My Goddess! Fan Site

My Vivid Girls Photo Album (Non-Nude)

Castle Tallas of Leonia, My Brigandine Fan Site

Barry's Temple of Godzilla

Animeigo's Site

The Gauntlet (Largest online metal site)

The U.N.S.C. (A neat Toho sci-fi fansite)

Gary's Godzilla Zone

Here's some links to game company's/game/gamer sites I enjoy:

Front Mission Site

The Castlevania Dungeon

Koei's website

Atlus' Site

Working Design's Site

Penny Arcade


Here's some assorted links:

Saviour X's site (My Friends Site)

Gigan Homeworld