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Welcome join the revolution against Pop Culture by reading on!

 In today's world there's a cancer that's eating away at our younger generation (10-18) as well many other groups. The name of this disease is simply: POP CULTURE. Yes, that's right folks, I said pop culture a way of life polluted and convolluted by HIP people or COOL kids and a complete and unswerving loyalty shown by all the little SHEEP who are herded by the aformentioned SHEPERDS (People with the ambition to choose what is in, usually stupid things like Britney Spears and whatnot!) . . . oh I mean Barbie Girls and Kens who set the standard for all so-called LOSERS who don't give a damn about high fashion, brands names and all the other mainstream catch-alls for what's IN. With this site I have a haven from this mar on modern society's reputation because this site is 100% POP-FREE (CULT CULTURE FOREVER BABY) !

This home page is the "doorway" to a better place where I can put aside the fear of pop culture and say what I want without having to hear the whiny of those zealots of pop who are all around us! Due to this I will not introduce myself formally as I like the anoniminity provided by my tag MKSTEEL.

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