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Ideas regarding the next 500 years of development for the Foundation(s) of Asimov's Books.

- The Second Empire will be an all-embracing Foundation Federation.

- Mentalics will be commonplace in both Foundations as will advanced physical technology (the focus of both Foundations will be the co-operative pursuit of Social Sciences)

- It will be a democratic, mentalic, and capitalistic galactic government.

- Robots and the Gaian Unionists/Galaxians (formerly Sayshell, but is absorbed into Gaia) are present but no longer dominant forces but share power with the Speakers of Trantor and Council/Mayor of Terminus

- Trantor is home of secret Psycohistorical research, while Terminus is the Galaxy's new center of Science and knowledge.

- Trevize's choice of simplification is later rescinded by him for he realizes diversity is a strength of humans and related beings.

-all for now

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