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 In the aftermath of the 1st Primovan War, the lands of Primovul are ruined and lordless. Seeing the oppertunity the Dark Eldaur Arakus sends his daughter, the Dark Yungar Kyren by boat to the Eastern land of Mortnir. Silvayra, Dragun of the Eve, to whom this knowledge passed came to the Light Eldaur Dinaia, amidst the battles of the 2nd Godswar to seek her counsel of these ill tidings. Dinaia made a request of the Dragun bear her own daughter, the Light Yungar Tarun through the Ring of Storms and watch over her till her days of destiny. And so the stage is set for the events of the 2nd Primovian War (also known as the War of the Yungar). Watch for updates to this section in the near future (as the material develops more).