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MKSTEEL's Oh My Goddess! Relief Office
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On this site I'll include many things about Oh My Goddess!, including OAV episode synopsis, character biographies, pictures galleries, and more.

The OMG! OAV's debuted on Japanese TV in 1992 in a series of 5 half hour episodes  presented and produced by: AIC, Kodansha, Ltd., Tokyo Broadcasting System & KSS, Inc. After two successful years in the Japanese market the localization company Animeigo optioned the Anime in conjunction with Dark Horse comics bid for the Manga rights. In Japan the show was titled Ah! Megamisama but was changed to Oh My Goddess! due to a pun Kosuke Fujishima (Manga/Anime Series creator) had observed in the translation to english: Oh My God! . I myself seen the Anime first in 1997 and became instantly hooked, later I moved into the manga and the new movie out 2001 from Pioneer under the title Ah! My Goddess The Movie (uses the original translated title). And now shares the title 'Ah! My Goddess' with the release of TWO season's of Anime on TV, and a new OAV between 2005-2008 (TV seasons avaliable from AnimeWorks/ADV/MediaBlasters), many manga stories are finally available animated! Hopefully you enjoy my site, thank you!

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