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MKSTEEL's Oh My Goddess! Relief Office
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News and Rumours

And the latest news in the world of OMG! is:


AMG! TV has debuted in Japan as of Jan. 6, 2005 airing for 50 episodes over two season, so far. The first episode was titled "You're a Goddess" and feature a story which had some large differences from "Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms" ,as it dealt more with Keichi's school life, which will be more developed in this TV series as it allows more time for more character development, as well as more regarding Belldandy/Sisters and the celestial realms of heaven/underworld/spirits and characters involving them.

Dark Horse Manga has announced that it is switching the Oh My Goddess! title to the "Unflipped" format for reduced cost to the buyers, this is a move that seems coordinated with the soon to occur (late 2005) AMG! TV stateside release (considering that the Ah! My Godess title will most likely remain unaltered, as the movie title shows), a move simmilar to the one Darkhorse made by switching to Oh My Goddess! as the manga title in 1995-6 when Animeigo released the OAV under the title Oh My Goddess! (Or vice-versa if i'm backwards about this)


Director Hiroaki Ghoda has stated in a TV interview that, should the show prove to be popular, he would like to animate the entire manga series.
AMG: 'Fighting Wings' is now avaliable in Japan, hopefully we get a company with a license in North America soon.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!