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Castle Tallas of Leonia: MKSTEEL's Brigandine Site
Leonia's Knight Commanders


Rune Knights of Leonia
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Leonia's Knight Commanders
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Paternus {Cardinal}  Age:42  Male - He's a Cardinal who supports Queen Lyonesse. Since Lyonesse is not familiar with politics, he administers the affairs of state. He watches over Lyonesse and Kiloph like a guardian.

Asmit {Bishop}  Age:29  Male - A wise knight in Leonia he is often called the "Perfect Man". His perfectionism usually puts people off. However, Queen Lyonesse places complete trust in him and asks him for his advice. Kiloph may be jealous of him since the Queen relies on Asmit on most ocassions.

Kiloph {Barbarian}  Age:17  Male - A friend of Queen Lyonesse since childhood. He became a knight to protect her. Despite his attitude, he is very kind at heart. Altough he may act snappish toward Lyonesse, he is really fond of her.