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Castle Tallas of Leonia: MKSTEEL's Brigandine Site
Rune Knights of Leonia


Rune Knights of Leonia
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Isfras {Monk}  Age:27  Male - A smiling giant with a gentle heart, who works under Cardinal Paternus. His hobby is gardening and he is often seen feeding the birds. Isfras acts like a big brother to Kiloph and would put his own life on the line for the Queen.

Charlene {Lancer} Age:28  Female - Her father brought her up to be a soldier, since he had no son. She has a very rational personality. Referred to as the"Snow Crystal of Leonia" by the people, she is admired for never letting her personal feelings get in the way of her duties.

Raizen {Monk}  Age:26  Male - A man obsessed with fighting. He never talks to the other knights, but is always in serch of someone to fight. He accidentally killed a man during a Kumite and is now despised by his people. However, he never made any excuses for the action.

Langueborg {Cavalier}  Age:21  Male - He calls himself "The Brain". Originally from Norgard, but he left when Vaynard took over the throne. He didn't think Vaynard had the ability to make a good king. He always bothers Lyonesse with suggestions that have no meaning.

Filo {Cleric}  Age:18  Female - A female officer of Leonia. She always listens to Lyonesse discuss her problems. Her gentle personality calms those around her. However, she can also be strong-willed whenever things get rough.

Sophia {Cleric}  Age:18  Female - A very intelligent female officer of Leonia. She often makes little mistakes for being talkative. She has visited the Wiseman Solon with her friend Filo to increase thier intelligence. Her bravery and logical way of thinking deserves everyone's applause.

Chantail {Mage}  Age:28  Male - A magician of Leonia who can deal with anything with composure. He love his baby very much and talks about him all the time, even in front of the Queen. His dream is to make his son the palace magician of Leonia.

Galonwand {Barbarian}  Age:17  Male - Kiloph's best friend. Rough and optimistic, his motto is "Do things as they come". But when his friends or his mother country get involved, he doesn't mind risking his life for them. Also, there is a girl he has a crush on (Baleen?) .  

Baleen {Scout}  Age:18  Female - A dark skinned girl from a savage tribe. She has a sharp mind as well as a short fuse. She is a close friend of Kiloph, but they argue every time they see each other. She tries to be more lady-like, but that is a difficult task for her.