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Castle Tallas of Leonia: MKSTEEL's Brigandine Site
Major Settlements of Leonia


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Major Settlements of Leonia
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Castle Tallas (Capital): The capital city is located in a valley stretching to the north-eastern coastal beaches near Kelilauns. Stretching south of Tallas the mountains run the length of the eastern coast to Caelsent in Iscalio. Protected by castles to the West, North, and South as well as being built on an island Tallas is one of the most secure capitals in Forensa. However the mana output of the surrounding lands are signifigantly lower than most kingdom's capitals as the land is extremely hilly/mountinous and has little tree growth or other plant life in the eastern uplands.

Castle Kelilauns: Located on the only open stretch of beach in eastern Leonia, Kelilauns is the only port in Leonia. In addition to this it is one of two travel stops on the northern routes to Castle Damas on the frontier with Norgard.

Castle Whislind: This castle lies on the main travel and supply routes between Glume and Damas (the eastern coastal route being more time consuming travel-wise). To the east lies the pass through the interior uplands to Tallas and to the northeast Leonia's only major forested region, east of the Damas road. To the west lie the uplands protecting Leonia from a direct attack from the newly formed and expansionist Esgares Empire.

Castle Damas: This northern castle guards the northern pass to Norgard and serves as Leonia's northern frontier. To the southeast lies Leonia's only major forested region and to the south and east lie the roads to Whislind and Kelilaus respectively. Damas has the distinction of being the site of Leonia's declaration of war on Norgard after negotiations between the two countries broke down after Vaynard demanded Leonia support Norgard as a puppet state. Unwilling to bow to force of will, Queen Lyonesse offered non-aggression with Norgard. Vaynard refused and threatened war, but Lyonesse did not back down from the threat and so war broke out between the two nations in 215. 

Castle Glume: This castle guards the pass which gives entrance to the valley leading to Tallas. Sitting on the edge of Leonia's southern plains this castle is the last major settlement before Fort Hadrian, which guards the southern pass on the frontier with Iscalio. Part Leonia's inner sanctum of castles guarding the routes to Tallas (Whislind and Kelilauns being the others), the fall of any of which would expose the capital to direct attack.

Fort Hadrian: Being one of only two such fortifications on the continent (Lindey being the other) Hadrian guards Leonia's southern frontier and access to Leonia's breadbasket in the south. The region of South Leonia serves as the kingdoms primary food supply, for the area between Hadrian, Glume, and Whislind is the most fertile area of the uplands and Leonia as a whole. Therefore the defence of this fort is paramount and a retreat to Glume would be seen as a last resort, only under the most desperate circumstances.