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MKSTEEL's Godzilla V.S. King Ghidorah Page
Plot Synopsis

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In terms of plot here's the rundown:


Favorite Scene

Godzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah's battle at the conclusion of the movie (Mecha King-Ghidorah my personal favorite of many kaiju)


Ghidorah Collage

The year is 2204 A.D. A sub patrols the murky depths it spotlights searching. As the searchbeams scan the ocean floor they come upon a creature resting on the seabed. A closer inspection brings to light that the creature is gold-colored,has 2 tails,and 2 heads. A man observing a monitor in the sub exclaims these facts and is interrupted by a girl who explains the creature's name King Ghidorah and that it formerly had 3 heads but lost one in battle with Godzilla.

(Runs Title)


The title cuts to a U.F.O. speeding over Tokyo several people including the ESP specialist Miki Saguesa sight it. The next day government officials validate the U.F.O.'s validity and suspect involvement with Godzilla. Terasawa, a writer discusses the incident with a lady friend from Mu Magazine at the magazine's office. Tersawa begins investigating reports of a dinosaur on Lagos Is. in 1944 through an old man's account of the dinosaur. Meanwhile gov't officials contact the U.F.O.'s occupants and discover they are time travellers from 2204 A.D. who wish to change events to prevent desolation of Japan by Godzilla. A mission is organized using people from 1992 to change the dinosaur's past.

The mission to the past observes a Japanese Imperial Army Garrison saved from defeat by a dinosaur known as a Godzillasaur, who provoked by American troops proceeds to wipe them out. Later it is wounded by naval gunfire from American ships off the island. The expedition goes to the day of the garrison's evacution and then moves the dinosaur to the Bering Strait to prevent it's mutation. Upon their return to Japan a new threat emerges King Ghidorah.


Ghidorah rampages on Kyushu and then heads north to Hokkaido. Meanwhile, one of the future people defects and explains that they created Ghidorah as their weapon. Later she is retrieved (her name Emi Kano) by the cyborg M-11 and returned to Wilson and Grenchiko (Evil Future Guys). The gov't officials Tabayshi and Fujio ponder the next course of action with fellow officials, while Terasawa gets reason to suspect a new Godzilla has been born from Miki. He discovers a nuclear sub crashed in the Bering Strait in the 70's contaminating the area with radiation. Later Godzilla surfaces and heads for Northern Japan (Hokkaido) while Emi,Tersawa, and M-11 plan a sabotage of the Ghidorah control computer. Godzilla and Ghidorah meet and face off in a battle of epic proportions in North Hokkaido.


The hard fought battle ends with Ghidorah being freed from computer control after which Godzilla destroys the nicely presented timeship (teleported by M-11 from the timeplane) and severs one of Ghidorah's heads. Later, attempting to escape Ghidorah is knocked into the ocean.Godzilla then proceeds to Sapporo and levels it. It is predicted he will next strike Tokyo so a plan is hatched to use Ghidorah revived in the future and brought to the present to fight Godzilla as Mecha King-Ghidorah. In an even more destructive battle Godzilla is brought under control and carried out to sea before severly damaging the cyborg and causing it to plunge into the sea. Japan having averted disater relaxes but, Godzilla will be back!